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Our mission is to impact the lives of our clients so they can achieve quantifiable results and powerful outcomes in all areas where they desire to grow.


Core Values

  • Coaching to the whole person
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Active Listening
  • Facilitating Growth
  • Moving People Forward

Moving You Forward Coaching Core Values

Our coaches follow the standards of the International Coaching Federation and the MYFC Core Values to connect, inspire, encourage and empower individuals to live a more fulfilling life and experience success in their terms.

Our Story

Moving You Forward Coaching was founded by Rosemarie Pelatti, Anna Gibbs, and Rita Gildersleeve. Collectively Rosemarie, Anna and Rita have over 40 years of real estate brokerage management experience and have successfully coached and consulted real estate agents for 15 years.

Rosemarie Pelatti

Rosemarie Pelatti opened her first Keller Williams Brokerage 16 years ago after owning a successful independent brokerage for many years. The success of her first KW Brokerage led her to launch two additional franchises, collectively forming the Keller Williams Realty Hudson Valley & Upstate Group ("KWHVUG"). KWHVUG is one of the top 200 brokers in the US as named by RealTrends & RisMedia. In 2021, the firm was named the 47th fastest growing brokerage in the US over the past five years out of more than 106,000 brokerage firms.
With locations in New City, Pearl River, Middletown, Rock Hill, Montgomery & Kingston in the Hudson Valley/Upstate region of New York the firm garners the biggest footprint of agents in the area. 

Rosemarie is the CEO of New Line Enterprises, the umbrella for several companies involved in residential real estate land development, homebuilding, property management of commercial shopping centers & residential apartments. She is an Owner/Investor in residential & commercial real estate in Arizona, the southwestern US & NY State. 

As a Certified John Maxwell business & leadership coach, Rosemarie consults with businesses and entrepreneurs on maximizing profits through operational infrastructure efficiencies and building lives by design. 

Anna Gibbs


In 2012 Rosemarie brought on Anna Gibbs to serve as the Team Leader of her second KW franchise, KW Hudson Valley United. Anna is a Certified Business Coach through The World Coach Institute, Certified Life Coach through The World Coach Institute, NLP Practitioner, Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, and Licensed Instructor with Empowered Living. She was coaching real estate agents and business owners through her own coaching business when she met Rosemarie, who quickly realized Anna's ability to move agents towards their goals as well as her track record for growing successful businesses. In her time as the Team Leader Anna grew KW Hudson Valley United from 43 agents to over 200 agents and increased market share significantly. 

Anna led the expansion and launch of their third franchise, KW Hudson Valley North, and currently serves as the General Manager for KWHVUG, where she manages the leadership teams in each Market Center who collectively support over 500 real estate agents. 

Her 30 years of experience as a business leader and developer makes her the best partner for any motivated entrepreneur who is ready to play a bigger game in their own business. Anna prefers to work with highly motivated and committed individuals who are seeking positive change and growth, higher productivity and overall profitability by focusing on a results driven plan. .

Rita Gildersleeve

In 2014 Rita Gildersleeve started her career with Rosemarie and Anna as a newly licensed real estate agent. In 2018 she stepped into the Productivity Coaching position, where she recruited and coached over 100 real estate agents over a two and a half year period. In 2020 Rita stepped into the Chief Growth Office/Team Leader role in the newly launched third KWHVUG Franchise, KW Hudson Valley North. During her time as Team Leader she won the Home Run Launch Award, which measures all newly launched KW Market Centers in the country, and increased profitability by 315%.

Rita now serves as Chief Operating Officer of Moving You Forward Coaching as well as Director of Productivity for KWHVUG.

She specializes in coaching real estate agents on business systems and models centered around productivity and profitability.


Together Rosemarie, Anna and Rita have coached real estate agents and small and large real estate teams ranging from $30MM-$100MM+ in volume. They have developed coaching programs for 100s of real estate professionals at all levels of production. In addition to coaching and training real estate professionals they've led high performing leadership teams, often ranked in the top 200 of all KW Brokerages Nationwide, and launched successful ancillary businesses. With the formation of MYFC Rosemarie, Anna and Rita have taken the exact systems, models and strategies that have led to the highest results in their own businesses and for their clients and made them available to anyone who is looking to grow personally and professionally!

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