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10 Self Care Routines (You Probably Didn’t Think Of)

Jun 20, 2024

Self-care is more than just indulging in spa days or quiet baths—it's about prioritizing your well-being in every aspect of your life. I am challenging you to redefine self-care and make it a powerful tool for personal growth and resilience and that’s why today I wanted to give you my Top 10 Tips for Self Care.

Before we dive into the tips I want to be honest, what we're not going to talk about is a day at the spa or a long bath. As much as I love both of those things, self care is just so much more than that!

When we talk about self care we're talking about things that really put us first because if you don't get comfortable with putting yourself first, you're going to risk burning out. So when we look at self care we need to consider our physical health and well being, our mental health and well being, our emotional health and well being, our spiritual health and well being, and our social health and well being. All 10 of my tips will help you in these areas.

Special BONUS I’m giving you free Self-Care Worksheets that will give you tools to put these tips into action!

  1. Trust Your Intuition

If something feels wrong, honor that intuition. Trusting yourself not only helps in making better decisions but also ensures that your actions align with your values and well-being.

  1. Speak Your Truth

Being authentic means expressing yourself honestly without overthinking others’ reactions. Have clarity in communication, and articulate your thoughts and needs confidently. This fosters healthier relationships built on mutual understanding.

  1. Overcome People-Pleasing

As a recovering people-pleaser myself, I understand the urge to prioritize others’ happiness over your own. However setting boundaries and prioritizing self-respect is one of the highest forms of self care you can give yourself.. Saying no when necessary is crucial for maintaining balance and avoiding burnout.

  1. Eliminate Negative Self-Talk

Our thoughts shape our reality. Positive self-talk has a direct correlation to emotional resilience and success. By reframing negative thoughts, you empower yourself to pursue goals with confidence and self-belief.

  1. Persevere in Pursuing Your Dreams

No matter the challenges, never give up on your dreams.Perseverance and faith in our abilities are key to achieving long-term success.

  1. Learn to Say No

“No” is a complete sentence. Learning to decline offers that don’t align with your goals or values is essential for preserving your time and energy for what truly matters.

  1. Embrace Opportune “Yes” Moments

While I never agree with overcommitting, I encourage you to seize opportunities that align with your aspirations. Saying yes strategically opens doors to growth and new experiences.

  1. Focus on Controllables

Redirecting energy toward what you can control—your actions, mindset, and responses—empowers you to effect positive change and minimize stress from external factors.

  1. Avoid Negativity and Drama

Surrounding yourself with positivity supports your journey towards personal and professional fulfillment. Minimizing exposure to negativity and drama is crucial to maintaining a constructive mindset.

  1. Prioritize Your Well-being

At its core, self-care is about putting yourself first without guilt. By prioritizing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, you cultivate resilience and thrive in all aspects of life.

If you want to hear more on these tips I go deeper on each of them on Episode 44 of The Monday Morning Mojo Podcast, 10 Steps to Self Care. 


These worksheets include a self-care habit tracker, a monthly action tracker, weekly meal plan template, food & exercise log and intentional living worksheets. Print them and use them to make self-care a priority!

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